Dream Muscle Athletes: Interview Chris LeFlore of the Arena Football League, Pittsburgh Power


Chris Leflore Interview

College: Northwest Missouri State University
Professional Athlete:
Pittsburgh Power (Arena Football League)

More info: http://pittsburghpowerfootball.com/1995/01/01/terrance-washington-db/
Website: http://www.chrisleflore.com
Twitter: @gingabreadcl

Our goal is to share the athletes story in a way that others may be inspired and motivated to live out their purpose in life. We had the opportunity to interview Chris LeFlore of Arena Football Leagues Pittsburgh Power. It was an awesome interview. Chris has a bright future ahead and I’m excited to see what he accomplishes on and off the field.

1. Chris share a little about what you are doing now? Its off-season, and I’m in Nebraska hanging out with family, working out and getting myself mentally prepared to have a great season. I’m preparing for my fourth season in the Arena Football League and I’m very excited to lead my team.

2. How did you get there? What was the process like? I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska where I played all sports. In high school I played wide receiver and defensive back at Omaha Central High School for Coach Joe McMenamin. I helped my team to the Class A state playoffs each of my three seasons. I also earned one letter in basketball and two in track, where I was part of one of the state’s top 4×100-meter relay teams. My dream was to play at the University of Nebraska with my older brother Mark. Through determination and persistence I set goals to get there and was able to walk-on. I sat out as a redshirt in my first year at Nebraska. But going into 2005 fall camp I was hoping to provide valuable depth at cornerback in a re-tooled Nebraska secondary. That year the Huskers lost both 2004 starting corners, including senior Lornell McPherson and junior Fabian Washington departed early for the NFL Draft. But eventually ended up transferring to Northwest Missouri State University. I had a good career at Northwest Missouri State University and graduated in December 2008 with a degree in Communications. I was looking forward to continuing my football career but was not selected in the 2009 NFL Draft. In 2010 I found a agent through a friend who helped me into the Arena Football League. I was also invited to workout with the Cleveland Browns but unfortunately that didn’t work out.

3. Even to this point in your life who has been the most influential to you? The biggest influence in my life has been my family. Both my parents Floretta and Mark LeFlore Sr. and my brothers and sister. We were very close growing up. My siblings have been a great example to me, even learning and growing from their wins and loses in life. Yes, I would have to say that my family has contributed the most to my growth.

4. Do you see yourself as a leader? Yes, but I’m not much of a vocal leader. I lead by example.

5. What leadership quality do you posses that people seem to be attracted to? I Lead by example and I listen to people. I believe listening is a leadership quality that people like about me.

6. What are your plans after football? I don’t really know right now. But I would love to play a few more years then do something with my communications degree. The older I get the more I see life out of a different lens. Life is about adjustments and I plan to make those adjustments when the time comes.

7. If you had some advice to give to kids what would it be? I would tell them to be accountable for their actions. The only way you grow is when you are accountable . If you point the finger you don’t grow. Thats really how I have grown as a person and a player.

8. One thing you will do before you die? I don’t really know. LOL!

9. Chris talk a little about your faith? I grew up in a Christian household. We went to church on Sundays. The only thing that stayed consistent growing up was God. I have a strong faith in God. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Him.

Thank you so much for reading Chris LeFlore’s interview. I hope you learned as much as I did not only about his football career but about him as a leader. Two of the most fascinating things Chris talked about was the way he leads.

1. He believes in leading by example and being a good listener.

2. He attributes his success as a person and athlete to his close relationship with his family and strong faith in God.

What have you learned from Chris?

Contact Chris LeFlore via:
@gingabreadcl on twitter
Chris LeFlore Official Website

You are a WINNER!
You are a person of integrity.
You are a person of great character and have a purpose in life.

Do the right things, to become a better athlete.

Learn and grow, to become a better person.

Be an example, to become a better teammate & friend.

Sports do not define you, they incline you. Sports do not destroy you, they deploy you into your destiny.

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Phil. 4:13

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