The Simplicity of Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness in America has become a complex subject.  A majority of people in America are overweight and over-drugged.  We have access to larges amounts of information like never before and yet people are continuing to drift away from the idea of health and fitness.  It is my opinion that we have made health and fitness a complex subject and it is NOT.  In my opinion it is very simple, either you workout and eat healthy or you do not.  Your lifestyle is designed differently depending who you are and where you currently reside.  But the topic “Health and Fitness” speaks for itself.  It is that simple!  

Many of you are stuck trying to figure out the logistics of fitness and dieting.  Many people spend thousands of dollars trying to count points, special programs, plans, magic pills, etc.  The reality is staying active, the habit of staying active alone will better your lifestyle.  You do not need a million recipes, plans, coaches, pills, etc.  You just have to do it.  You have a great opportunity to better your life through health and fitness, life isn’t a race it is a marathon.  So anything worth doing takes time.  Just know that a healthy fitness lifestyle is really simple, Do you workout? Are you eating healthy? 

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