Strength and Conditioning Routines

Today was an AWESOME DAY!  I took a client through a strength and conditioning workout with an emphasis on strength.  The myth is that strength and conditioning is for athletes only.  That is not true, strength and conditioning is important to the overall development of the body and mind.  Strength and conditioning routines typically move you out of your comfort zones. It forces the body to stretch beyond its capacity into a variety of movements.  Today our main movement were the squat, so we tried to work in a squat in whatever movement we were doing, such as,

  • DB Squat
  • BB Squat
  • Kettle Bell Squat

We also switched up the reps between low and high.  We then moved to the Deadlift,

  • Straight leg Deadlift
  • Kettle Bell Deadlift

We concluded the workout with 10 minutes on the stationary bike and five minutes on the stair stepper.  The stair stepper really beat the sweat out of my client.  So you can see the variety of exercises we were able to incorporate for the goal of strength and conditioning.  As you can see it is very clear that strength and conditioning were the focus, squats, Deadlifts for strength and the stationary bike and stair stepper for conditioning.

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