Your greatest supporter is YOU!  Your greatest enemy is YOU! You have an opportunity to make your life the best.  Many of you have failed yourself over and over again just to settle for what is rather what could be.  Physical exercise is not rocket science.  It is vitally important you find a fitness routine that works for you.  I myself have tried a variety of workout routines, P90X, Insanity, Cross Fit, Bodybuilding and the list goes on.

Find something that works for you, coupled with your health and fitness goals with determination and a vision to create a better life experience for yourself.  Your greatest battle is between YOU and YOU.  You have what it takes to conquer your fears and progress into a greater experience for yourself.  Live your Best Life Now!

Tip: Affirm yourself with positive words about yourself.  Repeat these: I am healthy, I will not lose, I will be my absolute best, I refuse negativity, I refuse to be depressed and I will win.

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