Strength and conditioning is the most important aspect of revamping the body.  Your body was designed for natural movement.  We live in a world where most people think strength and conditioning is for athletes and those who are obsessed with working out.  That is far from the truth.  Every person on the planet was designed with a body that needs to be strengthened and conditioned.  However, strength and conditioning looks different for each person.

When people arrive at Dream Muscle Gym they typically do not have any idea what to expect.  We treat every one as athletes when they walk in our doors.  From a 20 year-old kid to an 80 year-old lady.  We believe the body was designed to move in natural and athletic ways with short bursts of speed to raise the heart rate and burn fat.

We’ve had many non-athletes come and complete our program and it is interesting to monitor the progressions from when they start to when they finish.  Most of them say, “Its too much,” or I can’t lift that.” By the end of the program they are asking for more workout routines, more sets and more weight.  So we have concluded that is NEVER TOO MUCH.  Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle we can help you at DREAM MUSCLE GYM 

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