I Can’t Do what You DO!

Dream Muscle is about inspiring you to discover something NEW about yourself.  I am often told, “I CAN’T DO WHAT YOU DO.” You’re INSANE!

What many don’t know is that just a year and half ago I couldn’t do it either.  I was devastated with an injury that occurred during my playing career that left me without exercise.  At that particular time in my life I realized something NEW about myself.  I realized that I WAS A FIGHTER and I HAD THE STRENGTH to overcome my injury and setback and through it all I became a stronger person and I was not going to let my circumstances stop me from becoming my absolute best in life and continue pursuing something (fitness) I had enjoyed my entire life.

YES, you cannot do what I do and I cannot do what you do.  You will never experience your absolute best in any area of your life if you continue to compare yourself to others.  Just start where you are and get better, if its 5  minutes of working out with light weight, do that.  If its 10 minutes with no weight, then do that.  Start comparing yourself to where you DESIRE to be and I promise you that you will exceed your expectations and someone else will say the same thing you once said, I CAN’T DO WHAT YOU DO…

You were created for a purpose, there’s a dream in your heart that needs to be pursued.

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