Dream Muscle Athletes: Interview with Kansas City Renegades Offensive Lineman Allan Stroud 


Thank you so much for taking the time to read the interview we conducted with an indoor football standout Allan Stroud. Our mission at Dream Muscle Athletes “to inspire athletes beyond the field.”

1. Dream Muscle Athletes:  Tell us your name and your hometown? I’m Allan Stroud from Newark, New Jersey.

2. Dream Muscle Athletes: Where did you play college football? I didn’t play college football,  I played basketball at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. It was a culture shock for me being far from home and I also had the opportunity to experience a different climate of weather. It wouldn’t stop snowing.

3. Dream Muscle Athletes: What do you do to manage your time effectively? Time management was very challenging in college. Having to practice, make study hall, individual workouts as well as trying to maintain a social life took some time getting used to; sacrifices definitely had to be made.

4. Dream Muscle Athletes: Talk about your professional football career? I’m definitely grateful for the opportunity to have played for The Kansas City Renegades. There were high points and low points to being an out-of-state player, but a few of my teammates were in the same situation.It was more motivation and inspiration and it became a great support system for me as well as for them. I plan on taking this opportunity as far as I can take it. I would love to move up to the next level, whether it is AFL, CFL or NFL.

5. Dream Muscle Athletes: Talk about your family life? I have a younger sister and father. My mother passed. I have no wife or children.

6. Dream Muscle Athletes: Who has inspired you on your journey? I’ve been inspired by friends and my family has definitely given me the confidence and support to pursue my dreams.

8. Dream Muscle Athletes: Do you have a faith?Being away from home and not bringing my vehicle was a little difficult. It was hard for me to find a church, so a few of my teammates and I would pray everyday just for the strength to make it through each day. But later on in the season, we were able to find a couple of local churches to attend.

8. Dream Muscle Athletes: If you had any advice to give to a young kid, what would it be? I would tell the kids, “if you believe in God and yourself, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish.”

Dream Muscle Athletes: Anything else you would like to add? Being able to play professional football on any level is a blessing. There are many people from my city who may have more talent than me, but can’t see themselves going that far in life. Some have made bad decisions that may prevent them from pursuing their dreams and others lack of faith. Going back home after the season; so many people from my neighborhood, school, work, etc were congratulating me and told me how much of an inspiration I was to them and I encouraged them to go after their dreams.

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Launch your Future 


 Respect the game; and the game will respect you. Never underestimate the power of your sport. Your sport gives you credibility.

If you leverage your opportunity in your sport. You will never have to work another day in your life. Your experience as an athlete will open doors wide open for you. When people look at you they see things they admire such as, determination, excellence, drive, hard work and an attitude to finish and succeed. 

Use your sport as a platform to build your future. There are three things you should focus on. 

Personal Development. You should position yourself to grow as a person, friend, family member and entrepreneur. Your character will determine your destiny. Look for ways to improve and demonstrate your character. 

Entreprenuer. You should learn to market yourself. What initiatives could you take part in? You should be thinking about a business to start. How can you leverage your sport to start a business related or non-related to your sport? What organization could you start that would solve a problem in your community? 

Networking. This is your opportunity to network. You will meet AWESOME people along the way. Every person you meet is very important. You should be intentional about building relationships. Find ways to introduce yourself and position yourself to be introduced (participation in activities, get plugged into your organization and community. Let your coaches, managers, agents know that you want to help them expand their organization) 

Hope this helps, what do you think?
Rock On! Become the person you were designed to become!

Visualize your Success 


What do you desire to accomplish before you step onto the field? 

You have to see success in your mind before you step onto the field. What happens on the field is a result of what happens in your mind. Some take visualization for granted thinking it’s just some outdated exercise. I can remember being an athlete and the differences between being mentally prepared and mentally unprepared. Most of my losses or failures in my career have concluded with a poor visualization of my success and our teams success. 

Whatever you desire to accomplish you can do it, remove doubt and fear and think about your strengths, goals and dreams. You have to be able to live with the outcome of your successes and failures. It’s up to you! 

Three Questions you must answer before you take the field.
Your Why. Why are you doing this?
Your What. What are you playing for?
Your Who. Who are you playing for? 

Greatness is up to you! Go Get it!

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